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Below is a list of all known misprints and corrections to date. To report a misprint or correction click HERE. Text that is changed/removed/added will be marked in blue. Corrections marked with !! are a major correction or a change that alters the way a rule might be interpreted.

BK1001: Core Rulebook First Edition, Beta Paperback Pre-Release, April 2014
  • Corrected in BK1002 (digital)/BK1001 (paperback release), November 2014
    • Global Corrections
      • Several accounts of "For example", "For instance" and "Addtionally" did not have commas directly after
      • !!The Perk trait 'Die Roll' was changed to 'Dice Roll' as it was inconsistently labeled throughout the book
      • Changed references to Setting Rulebooks and/or names of Setting Rulebooks. Entries no longer reference book titles and are called Sourcebooks instead of Rulebooks.
      • Capitolized many of the important keywords throughout the book (e.g. Turn, Round, etc.).
      • Changed several instances of player to character when appopriate.
      • Changed several instances of Turn to Round to avoid confusion.
    • Chapter 1: System
      • pg 4 > What you'll need to play > Divided into 2 sections for clarity
      • pg 5 > Time > Session > 2nd line: "Is equates" should read "It equates".
        Campaign > 2nd line: "They usually involve all the same" should read "They usually involve all of the same"
      • pg 6 > Targets and successes: added Note: dice that land on a 1 are always a failure. to the end
    • Chapter 2: Character Traits
      • !!pg 9 > Dice Pools > Strength: "For Strength above 10, add 10,000 lbs. to Lift and +1 to Damage for each additional level" should read "For Strength above 10, double the Lift and +1 to Damage for each additional level"
      • pg 10 > Other Statistics > HP: this entry should not appear
      • pg 11 > Experience (XP) and Level > Effect: "This can be choosing a new Perk, improving a Perk or specializing in a Skill." should read " This can be choosing a new Perk or specializing in a Skill." Changed "Class/Talent" to "Class or Talent".
    • Chapter 3: Character Creation
      • pg 15 > Step 5: Fill in the Details > 1st Line: "Finish of" should read "Finish off"
      • !!pg 16 > On sample character sheet Spivy should be Specialized in Pick Pockets
    • Chapter 4: Perks
      • pg 19 > Brute > Effect: "skill rolls and Strength," should read "skill rolls and Strength Tests,"
        Companion and Connections were in the wrong alphabetical order
      • !!pg 20 > Delicate > Effect: "-3 HP" should read "Base HP as one size smaller"
      • pg 22 > Martial Artist > Effect > 7th line: "(within the same turn or the next)" should read "(within the same round or the next)"
        Added Using a staff (or other weapons at the Narrator’s discretion) is the same as being unarmed. to Martial Artist
      • !!pg 23 > Silnger: this Perk should also remove the Shooting on the Run penalty for attacks
      • pg 24 > Status > 4th line: "importance in the sphere of influence)" should read "importance in their sphere of influence)"
        Status > Effect > 6th line: "Addtionally the character is" should read "Additionally, they are"
    • Chapter 5: Skills
      • pg 25 > Attribute, Group, Skill > 3rd line: "you can see that which" should read "you can see which".
      • pg 26 > Combat Skills > 3rd line: "The only broad skill included in this book is Martial Arts" should read "The only broad skills included in this book are Martial Arts, Melee Weapons and Range Weapons;".
      • pg 28 > Charisma Skills > Manipulation: changed to Manipulate to conform to naming convention
      • pg 29 > Knowledge Skills > Architecture: "Knowing of" should read "Knowledge of".
        Knowledge Skills > Lore: Astrology was not listed in the quick reference chart
      • pg 30 > Academics: was listed as a CHA skill and not KNO
      • pg 31 > Architecture > Sample Starting Gear: "table, square pencils, paper, compass, measuring tools etc." should read "table, square, pencils, paper, compass, measuring tools, etc.".
      • pg 32 > Bluff > last lines: "doesn't believe them" should read "normally wouldn't believe them".
      • pg 35 > Manipulate > last line: "Diplomacy Gamble" should read "Diplomacy, Gamble".
    • Chapter 6: Gear
      • pg 40 > Introduction > last line: "difficulty Challenges" should read "difficult Challenges".
      • pg 42 > Sample Weapons chart > Sub Machine Gun: Notes should also contain Fully Auto 15
        Sample Weapons Chart > Light Pistol: Dice raised to 1, damage lowered to 2 (same damage output at 2 Attack Dice)
        Weapons: "Weapons are special gear that can be used for attacking in combat. Weapons have the following Statistics" should read "Weapons are special gear that can be used for attacking and have the following Statistics"
      • pg 43 > Armor > 9th line: "Armor listed above" should read "Armor listed on the next page".
        Light Pistol > .22 to 9mm changed to .28 to 9mm Staf > Added the text "Martial Artists gain all bonuses they would get for unarmed attacks when using a staff." to the end
      • pg 48 > Speed and Coasting > 1st line: "Base Speed a Top Speed and a Current Speed" should read "a Base Speed, a Top Speed and a Current Speed"
        Run-Over > 12th line: dice on attack should be 4, not 3
        Vehicle Descriptions > 2nd line: "special rules movement details" should read "special rules, movement details"
    • Chapter 7: Combat
      • pg 50 > Phase 4: Clean Up > 8th line: "an wide-spread" should read "a wide-spread"
      • pg 51 > Action Dice > 7th line from the bottom: "+1 Magic" should read "+1 Magic Actions"
        Skill Actions > Last lines: "or equipping a new weapon/looking through a backpack for an item." should read ", equipping a new weapon or looking through a backpack."
      • !!pg 52 > Grapple > Last 4 lines: the text "Grapples can be used, however, to slam an opponent to the ground or against a wall/object in which case armor provides its full protection." should be removed
      • !!pg 53 > Pierce > Last lines: compeltely rewritten to "but cannot drop below the natural DP for their size. For example, a medium character with Steel Plate armor would have DP 5 and could be pierced down to DP 3."
      • !!pg 55 > Fully-Auto Examples > 2 and 1 hex arcs: "at Target #" should be replaced with "for Overkill" in each case
      • !!pg 57 > Shoot > Dice Roll > 4th line: "The Challenge of the attack depends on the range of the target (see Effective Range above)" should read "The Challenge of the attack is always Easy unless untrained."
        Throw > Dice Roll > 4th line: "Challenge is based on the range of the target (see Effective Range above)" should read "Challenge is always Easy unless untrained."
      • !!pg 58 > Push: Removed the Maintaining grapple requirement
      • !!pg 60 > Sprint Maneuver > 8th line: +2 Strength should read +1 Strength
        Changing Position: Added once per Turn to the end
      • pg 63 > Fear Attacks > last line: "opposite page" should read "next" page
      • pg 64 > Breaking Fear > 3rd: "an moderate" should read "a" moderate
    • Chapter 8: Special Abilities
      • !!pg 66/67 > Magic Perks: several Perks are listed as granting extra Psionics Dice, these should all be replaced with Magic Dice
      • !!pg 69 > Fireball > Cost: "At least 1 Skill Action and 1 Magic Die" should read "At least 1 Attack Action and 1 Magic Die"
        !!pg 69 > Fireball > Dice Roll: "Skill Actions" should read "Attack Actions"
        !!pg 69 > Flight > Maintenance: "3 Skill Actions for 3-5 targets" should read "3 Skill Actions for 4-6 targets"
      • !!pg 70 > Frost > Cost: "1 Skill Action and at least 1 Magic Die" should read "1 Attack Action and at least 1 Magic Die"
        !!pg 70 > Frost > Dice Roll: "Skill Actions" should read "Attack Actions"
        !!pg 70 > Ice Armor > Cost: "1 Skill Action and at least 1 Magic Die" should read "1 Skill Action and 1 Magic Die"
        pg 70 > Ice Armor > Effect: "fire attacks" should read "fire attack"
        !!pg 70 > Renewing Wind > Cost: "1 Skill Action and at least 1 Magic Die" should read "1 Skill Action and 1 Magic Die"
      • !!pg 71 > Renewing Wind > Power Up: added , lowers TN to 3
        !!pg 71 > Shock > Cost: "1 Skill Action and at least 1 Magic Die" should read "1 Attack Action and at least 1 Magic Die"
        !!pg 71 > Shock > Dice Roll: "Skill Actions" should read "Attack Actions"
        !!pg 71 > Sink > Cost: "1 Skill Action and at least 1 Magic Die" should read "1 Attack Action and at least 1 Magic Die"
        !!pg 71 > Sink > Dice Roll: "Skill Actions" should read "Attack Actions"
      • pg 72 > Summon Wisp > Effect: Added DP 5 and changed damage on attack to 1
      • pg 76 > Psionic Effects quick reference chart > Healing should have been called Metabolize
        Remove Pathogen was not present on chart
      • pg 77 > Awareness > Cost > 1st line: "within 100" should read "within 100 yards"
      • pg 78 > Cause Pain > Dice Roll > 1st line: "Biokinesis roll" should read "Biokinesis attack roll"
      • pg 79 > Kinetic Shield > Power Up: Psychokinetic: removed the text "for free" at the end
    • Chapter 9: Narrating
      • pg 86 > Character Archtypes > 2nd to last line: Brainiacs was spelled wrong
      • pg 87 > Travel > 2nd line: "need it" should read "need"
      • pg 89 > Keep Players Alive > 10th line: "threat danger" should read "threat of danger"
      • pg 90 > Awarding Experience > 8th line: "session a few bonuses" should read "session with a few bonuses"
        Adding Challenges Together > 7th line: "Easys" should be "Easies"
      • pg 91 > Fall Damage > 1st line: "fall off of" should read "fall onto"
      • pg 93 > Simple Skills > Last 5 lines: the text "Note if using this system, Helper Skills usually would be added to almost every roll so Narrators should be stricter when giving out Helper Skill bonuses, or not use them at all." should be removed
    • Chapter 10: Bestiary
      • pg 94 > Chapter Description: "(e.g. the Boar has Move 7 because it is Small (move 4) and has Speed +3, it doesn’t have 10 Move (7 + 3) after figuring in Speed)" should be replaced by "and some statistics do not always reflect the creature’s size as you might expect (those ratings are based on humanoid figures and don’t always work out for most animals)"
      • !!pg 96 > Creature Perks > 4th line: "Race grants them or the Unusual Power Perk" should read "Race grants it or they choose a Perk that allows it"
      • pg 98 > Diseases > 3rd line: "Through" should read "Though"
        Bubonic Plague > Effect > 3rd line: "continues in" should read "continues to"
      • !!pg 100 > Anaconda > Perks/Skills: Wild 2 should appear under Perks heading, not Skills
      • !!pg 102 > Bird, Small > Perks/Skills: added (in air only) to Charge and Mobility
        Moved Domestic 1 from a Weakness to a Perk
      • !!pg 110 > Wolf > Description > last lines: "Alpha Wolf that is Challenge 2, 13 HP and has the Alpha Dominance Perk." should read "Alpha Wolf that has 13 HP and the Alpha Dominance Perk."
BK2001: Narrator's Screen, April 2014 (round top, unmarked with item code or date)
  • !!Tank/Juggernaut Perk information does not match the Core Rulebook and is incorrect, Core Rulebook supersedes
BK2002: Narrator's Screen, June 2014 (square version)
  • Perks > Ambidexterity: "fective" should read "effective"
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