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Section Description Source Date Added Last Updated Formats
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Character Sheets Basic Character Sheet Core Rulebook 03-06-2014 03-06-2014
Form Fill Character Sheet RPGnet Community 09-08-2014 09-08-2014
Urban Horror Character Sheet Urban Horror 05-12-2015 05-12-2015
Resources PERK-d20-PERK Conversion Web 05-12-2016 05-12-2016
Sample Characters Swords & Sorcery
Sample Characters
Core Rulebook & misc 05-20-2014 05-20-2014
Horror Sneak Peak
Character Sheets
Celesticon Horror
Sneak Peak
09-02-2014 09-02-2014
Character Archtypes Gali Swords & Sorcery Setting Book 07-23-2014 07-23-2014
Homunculus Horror Setting Book 09-19-2014 09-19-2014
Werewolf Horror Setting Book 06-24-2014 06-24-2014
Antagonists "Romero" Zombie Convention Freebie 05-12-2015 05-12-2015
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