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11-16-2016 - Ryan Z. Dawson VLOG

Our friend Ryan Z. Dawson (author of The King's Eagle, Melidora and the upcoming Graveworld series) just published a vlog about himself as an author and gives us a little insight into his process. If you're curious what he's all about go check it out! He lets us know his take on fantasy writing as why he thinks he is not a fantasy writer!

Also if you want to check out his books, they are available from:

Dire Ninja Media



If you want to stay updated on his future projects, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter , or contact us and ask to be added to our mailing list.

08-18-2016 - Underlife, Death Magick and Pacificon

Sorry, it's been a while since we have posted an update :/ We've been hard at work on Underlife as well as Ryan Z. Dawson's newest upcoming dark fantasy novel: Death Magick. We've released the new cover for Underlife it'll be visible here on the homepage for a while but for posterity you can find it HERE.

Also, we'll be attending Pacificon Game Expo in Santa Clara, CA over labor day weekend. Come check us out in the vendor hall!

06-12-2016 - RageCon 2016!

Hi everyone, we'll be in the vendor room at RageCon in Sparks NV next weekend! June 24/5/6. We'll also be running a few games of PERK, along with a sneak peak of an upcoming Sci-Fi module, so come by and say hi if you are in the area!

05-12-2016 - PERK-d20-PERK Conversion

Ever want to convert your d20 character to PERK or vise versa? Well we've created a document for you to do just that! You can check out our new conversion document here on the downloads page. This is part of an ongoing project that will eventually include more information on converting between different systems. If you have any ideas or questions shoot us an email.

03-24-2016 - Underlife and upcoming changes

Hi everyone, we've got an update we're excited to announce. For the TL;DR version skip to the bottom. We are currently working on re-branding our PERK product line based on our customer's input so far. We're moving away from the model of a standard Core Rulebook with multiple genre-based supplement books that rely on those rules. Instead we'll be publishing stand alone games that use the PERK system that have their own Core Rulebook with the PERK rules baked in.

These games will be compatible with existing PERK books, so if you have those already, there is no need to buy additional resources, unless you want all of the content in one place; we're not going to stop you from buying more :)

All existing PERK products and products currently in development will continue to be supported, and will collectively be known as PERK Classic (or something along those lines). New product lines will be referred to by their respective titles. Classic titles will always be available as long as PERK remains in print, but some may move to print-on-demand only, after our current stock runs out.

So what does that mean for our current and future product lines?


The first big change is that our Urban Horror setting has a real name now, not simply a genre. From here on out our horror setting will be called "Underlife: A Dark Urban Fantasy RPG", or just Underlife. So you'll hear/see us referring to it as that from now on. It's the same game, same content, and if you already own PERK: Urban Horror and the core rulebook, no need to get Underlife, it'll be those two books mashed together, with a nicer cover, some minor rule updates/changes, possibly some additional artwork.

Also we'll be marketing it as a Dark Urban Fantasy game, not a horror game. To us its the same thing, but we want to distance ourselves from Cthulu, slasher, splatter punk and other genres of horror.

Eventually, we hope to re-release the Core Rulebook for people that like to create their own settings and worlds, and it will be more of a "Dungeon Master's Guide" sort of resource with information on world building and running games in all settings, or games that span multiple settings.

02-20-2016 - Hollywood Ninja

We've just released the Hollywood Ninja Class Perk, and it's available on DriveThruRPG right now. This is more than just a single Perk for your game, it's a microsetting sourcebook that allows you to create and play characters in a ninja movie themed game. We've included all of the Perks, gear and skills you'll need as well as a system for crafting poisons and an in-depth Hollywood Ninjitsu Special Ability you can use in any game.

Our Facebook/Twitter friends as well as our previous DriveThruRPG customers should receive a link to download this for free for a limited time.

11-14-2015 - Bestiary Update

The Bestiary has been updated to include all of the creatures from the Urban Horror book. Also, the search functionality has been enhanced and now allows you to limit your search by source (i.e. core rulebook, urban horror, etc). Check it out!

05-12-2015 - KublaCon 2015

We'll be at KublaCon this Memorial Day weekend from 05/22 to 05/25. Our Urban Horror sourcebook has shipped off to the printers and should be available for purchase at the convention as well as Ryan Z. Dawson's newest fantasy novel Melidora. If you're in the Bay Area that weekend stop by the Hyatt Regency and swing by our booth in the vendor's hall!

You can download the Urban Horror character sheet as well as a special freebie we'll be handing out at KublaCon, the "Romero" Zombie flyer which details the traits and description for a generic zombie that Narrators can use for zombie survival games!

02-20-2015 - Sale ending soon!

Our New Years sale is ending soon! Only a few more days before our Core Rulebook goes back to normal price over at DriveThruRPG. Make sure you head on over and pick your copy up before the sale ends!

01-12-2015 - New Years Sale

Happy New Years from Dire Ninja Media! To celebrate, from now until the end of February we're offering 50% of digital copies through DriveThruRPG.

11-12-2014 - Core Rulebook Release

We've finished the release version of the core rulebook and go it uploaded to DriveThruRPG. If you already purchased the Beta version (i.e. any version released before this point) you should have received an email with a link to download the release version. We just ordered the print proof from the printer so we should have physical copies available soon and Amazon should be carrying it shortly after.

09-22-2014 - Bestiary

The Bestiary is live and all of the animals from the Core Rulebook are posted up. Have at it :) You can search by keyword as well as filter results by Challenge Rating and/or Size. This will evolve over time with more filtering options as well as more and more entries. Any creature that we publish in any book will be listed there free for anyone to use in their game.

09-08-2014 - RPGnet Q&A

We've been invited to do a 2 hour Q&A session on the RPGnet IRC channel at 6pm Pacific time on Friday 9/12. We'll be taking questions about PERK, our Kickstarter campaign, its upcoming settings and the company in general, where it's heading and what is coming down the pipe for us. So come by and check it out!

09-02-2014 - Back From Celesticon

CelestiCon was a lot of fun, we talked to a lot of cool people and ran 2 events. Everyone seemed to really like our Horror setting and had a great time! I posted up the characters we used for the events on our downloads page in case anyone wants to check them out or use them for a game.

Our Kickstarter still needs a lot of help, please go check out the page and try to spread the word, we only have 21 days left to meet our goal!

08-25-2014 - PERK Horror Kickstarter!!!

We've got a kickstarter running for our Horror setting in hopes that we can get more high level artwork packed into this book than the Core Rulebook and more importantly, get it released on time! Check out our project page and see about backing us and please try to spread the word to your friends and family about us and what we're trying to make happen. Every backer counts!

Check out our project video here:

08-15-2014 - Horror Sneak Peek Game at CelestiCon

We'll be running a sneak peek of our horror setting at CelestiCon? this Labor Day weekend. We've got 2 events scheduled one Saturday and one Sunday after the dealer hall closes. If you want to check out the setting or just the game system swing on by. Characters will be provided and if players are new to the game we'll be teaching the system as we go.

The story will take place in an alternate modern day San Francisco full of dark and sinister forces. Players can take control of werewolves, vampires and other insidious characters to help pull the city from the clutches of a crippling epidemic blood disease.

08-04-2014 - The Talking Boxes

Hey everyone, little bit of semi-related PERK news. Ryan Z. Dawson, the author of The King's Eagle and co-author of our upcoming Swords and Sorcery supplement just launched a new web comic called The Talking Boxes. You can check it out HERE.

08-01-2014 - Celesticon Game Convention

Don't forget to come check out our booth at Celesticon in Fremont, CA this labor day weekend. We'll be selling our Core Rulebook as well as our new and improved Narrator's Screen (larger print on heartier stock). Also we have a couple of promotional items for fans of the game to use in their adventures!

07-23-2014 - Swords and Sorcery sneak peek

We're released another sneak peek for you all. the 'Gali' a race from Ryan Z. Dawson's world in The King's Eagle. This, among others, will be featured in our Swords and Sorcery Setting book. Check it out on our Downloads page!

07-19-2014 - The Game Hub

We just added The Game Hub to our list of authorized dealers, so if you are in Lake County, swing by and check them out! DEALERS

07-11-2014 - interviewed us at KublaCon

...and the video is finally up, go check it out HERE

07-10-2014 - PERK getting great reviews!!

Check out this review of the PERK Core Rulebook by prolific youtuber tetsubo57

And thank you to those who put up reviews on Amazon!!

06-30-2014 - Core Rulebooks available on Amazon!

Our Core Rulebook is now available on and is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. Click HERE to check it out.

06-25-2014 - Horror Sneak Peak

We're very excited to give you all a glimpse of the horror setting that we're working on. We've worked nearly endlessly to create an original and interesting new spin on modern horror and we can't wait to get it on store shelfs. Check out the downloads page HERE under the Sneak Peaks section. Be warned, though P.E.R.K. is designed to be simple enough for kids to play, the Horror setting contains mature themes.

05-28-2014 - Coming Soon

Now that we're back from KublaCon we're pushing full steam ahead on our Swords & Sorcery and Horror settings! Also, getting ready to set up at Celesticon on Labor Day weekend. Hopefully we'll have some extra goodies for you guys there so stay updated by liking us on Facebook.

05-20-2014 - New Downloads

Hey, added some sample Swords & Sorcery characters to the download page for reference as well as the brochure for KublaCon 2014. Check it out HERE.

03-05-2014 - KublaCon!!

DireNinja Media will be at KublaCon in Berlingame, CA Memorial Day weekend presenting P.E.R.K. in the vendor hall. We'll have a demo booth running the whole time so stop by and check us out.

11-08-2013 - Swords, Sorcery and King's Eagles

DireNinja Media has partnered up with Ryan Z. Dawson, the author of The Kings Eagle, to create a Swords and Sorcery Setting Rulebook. We're very excited and hope to have this content released sometime in 2014.

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